Here come the Holidays!! Decorate with paint…protect with Beauty

Get the house looking great for the holidays.

Holidays= Memories=Pictures

Painting is the the number one way to enhance decor. Bring out beauty in your house using colors from your granite or tiles, stones or brick, then add a splash of accent from your decorative items (throw pillows or rugs, candles, and other focal nik-naks. We are here to help  make sure your decorative scheme flows and completes full circle for either your (calming, warm, neutral affect), or your (dramatic,  and elegant affect).

Don’t forget your exterior maintenance.

Make sure your patio covers outside are sealed up with plenty of paint before the rainy season.

Give the trim on the exterior of your house a chance to survive and get it looking good.

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$300- $400 a day for labor cost. Huge improvements in just one day!